One of the older stories I have available

“Half the people who go never come back!”

What my dad had said stuck to the very front of my mind as the last of my crew died in my hands. I was alone now, waiting my death as well.
“I should have listened to him!” I yelled out loud for the world to hear.
Jay, the explosive expert had set off a charge that brought us crashing to the depths of the ice. Somehow the wall of densely packed snow had pinned on the wall, therefor not crushing us. The crew and I had been badly injured from the fall, and most of our equipment was missing or not present. Two hours after the fall, I had finally made a cast type object from materials around me. I stood up and looked for any escape. Then I saw it.
A voice in the back of my head started, “Pick me up, hold me tight, pick me up, for your delight…”
I picked up a sampling shovel, and started picking off the ice that surrounded the object. The closer I got to it the louder the voice in the back of my head was. I was only feet from it when I heard a crack and looked up. The ceiling was not going to hold for long, I thought. I put every ounce of strength into the sampling shovel until I heard a feint knock as the object hit the ground. I threw down the shovel and grabbed the object. It was so warm I wanted to drop it, but I didn’t. I held it tightly in my hands as the ceiling gave way. I prayed to god, and hoped that in some idiotic way I would live. Then, everything went silent.
“Wake up already and get my breakfast ready!” A voice yelled
I opened my eyes to find a hideous looking beast staring down at me.
“I swear, if I got to ask you one more time to get up I will have your head on my dinner plate!” he yelled
“Where am I?” I asked
It laughed as if I was mocking him.
“Yeah, that’s why I bought you, you foolish human!”
I got up, and looked him in the eye and asked, “What do you want me to do?”
He froze still looking at me as if I had said a swear word.
“You don’t know what you need to do?” he asked as if he couldn’t even answer it himself.
He took me by my shirt and dragged me through the room to a door.
“I don’t want to ever see you again! You are better dead than a slave! Pup will have a nice lunch for once in a long while! Get goin scoundrel!” He yelled and shoved me, and slammed his door shut.
“It’s warm?” I asked myself out loud.
I got up and noticed my leg was no longer broken. Then I looked at my clothing. I was wearing rags? I had no shoes, my nails hadn’t been trimmed in a long time, my teeth they weren’t strait! What was going on? I looked around me at my surroundings. The trees were gigantic, bigger than any I had ever seen in my entire life. I then noticed something that set my mind off, it was a large dog looking creature. However this creature was not of earthly kind. This was pup, a dog I had once dreamt of having. But it didn’t actually exist in the world. Then, It all came together, like adding one and one to get two. I was either, sleeping and dreaming, or the object I had taken changed the world into my dreams! But this couldn’t be a dream, I would be powerful, a hero! I would be married and have a huge house, a couple of dogs, children! But I was a slave and was about to be eaten by a dog! What in the world is going on? Was this a nightmare that I had to live in?
I started to walk off into the woods, not knowing where I would go. I started noticing sounds creeping toward me. Steps my mind presumed, but I had no idea. It could just be the woods playing tricks on me. Then, all at once, a dog leaped out at me and an arrow shot from out of nowhere, hitting the dog and saving my life. The dogs body tumbled over me and pinned me to the ground. A man stepped from a large bush with a barrel in his hands.
“Fancy seeing anotha human out in these woods! Only been told that I was out here!” He said, and pushed the gigantic dog off of me.
“Thanks?” I said, looking at the gun.
“Oh, I’m Beerbeard!” He chuckled
He was a dwarf. He showed a great amount of age.
“I’m Matt, can you tell me where we are?” I asked
“You are in the middle of the Juahvos Forest, one of the most dangerous forests on the continent. Say, are ya lookin for the town of Brownsville?” He asked
“Yes, I am, could you lead me there or point me in the direction?” I asked
I looked at me as if he had just recalled something.
“Say, do I know ya?” he asked
“I don’t know, do you?”
“Huh, I don’t know, you look awfully similar to someone I guess.” He said, then turned around, “Follow me!”
I followed him for what I thought was an hour. The trees started to shorten in their length until we finally breached the tree line. It wasn’t until another thirty or so minutes when we first saw the town.
“Here she is! Brownsville, the last human town in existence.” He said with a mighty sigh.
I looked into his sad face. “What as happened to the others?”
“Destroyed by the Alliance of the Undead. We brought it against ourselves though! Tried to kill the elf who was the only one keeping the bloody gate shut. Wish I could shoot the man who drove her insane enough to just let it all out on us. But enough said! You can find yourself a home here, or you can join the army when they come recruitin. I must be off, I need to get that dog cleaned up and ready to eat for my two children! Keep safe!” Bearbeard said, and trundled away.
I was at a lost of what to do. I was being introduced to a world I had no knowledge of. I never knew I could dream in such detail and not recall but tiny bits and pieces of it. I started to walk around the town, it was more a village than anything else. The paths were gravel, and everything was dirty. There were mounds of waste everywhere. Horses neighed as I got closer to them and attracted unwanted attention.
“You trying to steal my horse? I haven’t seen you around these parts! Are you new?” a man asked
“I’m new.” I said, then thought up a plan, “I have been a slave, a slave to that mad beast in the middle of the forest for my whole life!” I lied.
“Oh dear god! You have no home? It’s getting very late!” He said as he peered around
“Look, come to my place. It is a miracle you escaped his grasp without death! Follow me.”
I followed him to a big house that was in the center of the town. It was half church, half home. He led me to a room with a tiny bed. It would barley be my size but as far as I cared it was fine.
“This is the only room I have left in this old place! If I was not so busy with keeping those Orcs out of this town I would have time to build some new houses! Say, you look young and strong enough, would you like to be trained as my assistant?” He asked.
“If it will earn me a living I could.” I said, not fond of being some ones apprentice.
He smiled, “You’ll make a great warrior some day, I just hope you won’t be like all the rest of them and sit and do nothing about our situation!”
I looked up at him, “What situation?”
“We are the only town left of humans, our race is dieing out. Its because we can’t get to the queen to tell her that her soldiers are dealing with the enemy. She only sees that we are prospering. We say this is the last town.” He paused, “But it isn’t. The queen has her own town. There it is perfect, humans, elves and dwarves all getting along. The problem is that her warriors don’t let her out of this town, and don’t let her hear anything but from her town. Just about anyone who tries to get into the town is killed on sight. In thirty years not a soul has gotten into the town.”
“Wait, elves? There are elves?” I asked
“Oh yeah, tons of em! If not for the Alliance of the Undead the elves would rule the world. The queen herself is an elf. They aren’t any different from us, other than the fact that they live for thousands of years and we live for a hundred or two years. Oh and they have a better tie with magic, but that’s all. They love us just like we love them! However, we are in the center of where the Undead controls. That means that even if the elves wanted to help us they couldn’t.” He said, then peered at me, “Do I know you from somewhere?”
“No, but I’ve been asked that now two times. There must be someone that looks similar to me…”
“Ah, well get some rest, tomorrow we will have some tea and I will formally introduce myself to you!” He said and left the room.
I sat on the bed and prayed to god. Then I got into my bed sheets, and tried to sleep. However all I did was think. What was I doing here? Was I sleeping? Am I going to die to this nightmare? Was I truly going to become powerful?
“Up an at em Sir.” A voice yelled into my room, “Meet me in the chapel.”
I got out of the covers, my eyes watered from lack of sleep. I stretched and went out into the chapel, where the man who had brought me here was standing.
He held out his hand, “I’m Steve, and your name is?”
“I’m Matt.” I said, and shook his hand.
“Nice to meet ya.” He smiled, “So do you truly want to be my assistant?” He asked
“Yeah, I might as well start off with something I can use for the future.” I said yawning
“Smart man! Have you ever wielded a sword before?” He asked
I looked at him quizzically “No?”
He grabbed up a sword that was lying on the table and threw it at me so that the blade was facing his way. I caught it and if by instinct latched it to my clothing and pulled it out.
“Never used a sword aye?” he questioned
“I don’t ever remember wielding one…” I paused, “I guess I have though…” I said honestly.
He sighed, and looked down. “Very few people, and I mean very few, have the ability to use any weapon they wield without ever touching it. The magics in this world work in various ways, and that’s one of the ways they can work.
I had no idea what to say, and my looks must have told him that because he picked a wooden sword and said, “Here, block yourself, but don’t strike back.”
He bolted forward at me with his sword high in the air ready to attack me. When he had gotten with in a few feet of me he swung down on it. My sword was ready and right up on his, blocking his attack. I had no idea how to do any of this, but I just let whatever force, that was blocking, do its thing. He attacked me again and again, and still I blocked each and every one of them, leaving him tired. He stood there for a second and gained his breath.
“Switch me and attack me!” He said in a grunt
I gave him my sword and he gave me his. I swung to his right side, but before I had reached it I turned my entire body the other way and hit him on his left side, knocking the air out of him and causing him to drop his sword.
“I’m so sorry!” I said as I bent over and helped him up.
He looked into my face and smiled. “You have the spirits running inside you! You shall be a great warrior!”
He bowed to me, and I bowed a half bow to him.
“You’re going to need a sword, I don’t have an extra, but I can get the blacksmith to create you one soon. Why don’t we go down there and introduce you to him?” He said
I followed him down the dirt roads, and finally to the blacksmith.
“John, this is my new assistant Matt, Matt, this is John, the towns one and only blacksmith!” Steve said
“Nice to meet you!” John said as he extended his hand
“Yeah, you too.” I replied shaking his hand
“What can I do for you two?” John asked
“How long would it take to create a sword for my assistant?” Steve asked
“Well, about four weeks, however…” He stopped and looked around super spaciously, “Well… come back here.” John said
We followed him into a dimly lit room. There he moved some items around until he pulled out a large box.
“Lads, this here is something someone who I will not name stole from the leader of the Undead.” John said
He opened the box, and there sat a glowing red sword.
“It hadn’t glowed until you arrived Matt. That’s why I’ve never shown this to no one since. It won’t even let me wield it anymore!”
“May I pick it up?” I asked
“Only if you can.” John said
I reached into the box, and felt a prick on my skin. I picked the sword up and swung it lightly. It itself was very light and I gripped it as if it had been mine in the past.
“Amazing, you truly are its owner then!” John said, “That will cost you two pounds.” He said
“That’s too cheap, a sword like that ought to cost four!” Steve said
“I can’t use it, so I might as well give it to ya for less!” John said laughing
“Thank you.” I said
“Yes, thank you.” Steve said and we exited the back room, “Your payment will be here tomorrow.”
“Thanks, and nice doing business with you!” John said
We walked back to the church silently. Each of us thinking about our own affairs. Then I heard bells.
“What do those mean?” I asked
“Time to get some fresh blood on that blade!” He said
He grabbed up a suit of steel, put it on, then equipped his sword.
“Dang! We will need to get you some armor next time!” Steve said
“I’ll be ok,” I said unsure of myself.
I grabbed up my sword and equipped it. The sword was decently lengthened and was almost as light as a feather. I was a little unsure of what kind of damage I could do with it but I had no other choice than to use it.
“Come quickly!” Steve yelled as he threw me a shield.
I ran after him. He sure was quick because I could barley keep up with him. Came to the towns border and stopped. He pressed his index finger to his lips asking for silent.
Another minute or two went by and a giant came running out of the forest with a club the size of a full-grown tree!
“Oh lord have mercy on us!” Steve yelled as he charged the monster.
I charged with him. However something told me to relax. I did as my body said and something took control of me yet again. My arm flung forward releasing my blade. It spiraled until it hit dead center in the giant’s head. His whole body shook for a second, then dropped to the ground. I resumed command of my body and ran to get my blade. Steve stared at me.
“How in the world did you manage to do that?” He asked
“Just let whatever is guiding me guide me.” I replied
“Never in my life have I seen a giant this big!” He said
“Why didn’t you run? He coulda killed you!” I said
He sighed and nodded his head. “Because I’m this towns only defense. If I didn’t it would have destroyed the town.”
“You really are the last hope then?”
“Yes. Until now I haven’t even thought it possible to move our town closer to the elves for their protection…” He said
“Do you think its possible?” I asked
He replied with a smile, “Yea, I really do.”
“Gather everyone up, tell em to grab all their essentials and lets get going before another one of those things comes for us!” I said
“Yes, I’ll do that. Go to the church and rest, you need to be wide awake if we are going to risk this.” He said, noting my grogginess.
I went to the church like he instructed and found my bed. I slept until Steve woke me up.
“Were ready.” He said

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