A Novel of Good and Evil

For fourteen years, Mathias bore the yoke of a slave. Freedom seemed an impossible dream, until the strong youth is presented with a means of escape, and flees to the dense forest away from the slave camp. During his flight, the renegade slave stumbles across an ancient relic, an elf stone, which can heal any wound and extend the bearer's life span for decades. These stones were thought to be created by the long-extinct elvish race, but Mathias discovers an astonishing secret: each elf stone contains a soul within it, that of an elf! Somehow, Mathias releases Maria, a strong-willed elvish female, from her stone. The elf-maid immediately takes a liking to the young man, and decides to entrust him with more secrets of the incredible history of men and elves. Now, Mathias serves a secret society of elves, hoping to help overthrow the land's insane dictator, the King of Men, and free his fellow slaves. To have a hope of succeeding, Mathias and his friends must seek the aid of a powerful leader: Dnno, the ancient King of Elves, who lays dormant in his elf stone, hidden in dangerous lands. On this journey, the heroes face challenges that test their character, their abilities, and their loyalty to each other.

Published here are the first few chapters of this exciting work in progress.

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